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What is ANC - Active Noise Cancellation?

Actively Noise Cancellation

As the name suggests, it actively neutralizes the surrounding noise. With the technology, typically powered by a microchip processor, they detect the environment's noise and stops it from entering the headset.

How does it work? 

Basically, the built-in microphones can identify unwanted noise (such as machine sounds, winds, cars, people chattering etc) from the surrounding environment, then the earphone/headphone can produce an opposite sound to counter them - in a way that they will cancel each other out. 

Just like pouring cold water into hot water, so it becomes warm water that you can drink. 

The result? You get to enjoy the music/voice that you actually want to listen to. 

Why getting an ANC earphone? 

Protect your ear:
When your environment is noisy, you naturally increase the music volume so you can hear better - and before you know it, you tune it too loud for your ear to handle. 

So when an ANC earphone reduces the outside noises, you are able to hear the music clearly at a much lower volume - thus being more healthy for your ear. 

Better music quality:
You can hear the music better because the environment is now made quieter. 

Excellent phone call voice:
When other noises are eliminated, you can better hear the person's voice. 

Check out our premium ANC earphones: 

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