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What is ENC - Environmental Noise Cancellation?

Environmental Noise Cancellation

As the name suggests, it specializes in cancelling out the environmental noise, typically during a phone call. 

How does it work?

ENC earphones have multiple microphones, some listen to your speech and some listen for environmental noises. 

Now, the earphone knows what the noises sound like and what your speech sounds like. Then, it picks out only your speech sound and sends it over to the other person on your phone call. 

Why getting an ENC earphone?

A much better phone call quality: an ENC earphone can suppress up to 90% of environmental noise thus providing an excellent phone call voice quality.  The person on your phone call can hear you super clearly. 

Check out our premium ENC earphones: 

Single ear - best for business phone call: HOCO S19

Dual ear TWS - powerful music and phone call: ACEFAST T1

Dual ear TWS - enhanced treble and bass, Apt-X HD audio: ACEFAST T3

Got a question?

Let us know by contacting us and our friendly team will get back to you very shortly. 


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