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Corporate and Commercial

Technology and connectivity have become a fundamental part of today’s businesses, whether you’re working at home or at the office, or on the go. We understand it's crucial to stay connected with your smart phones - as well as having reliable charging and support accessories - and that’s where AceMax steps in.

We’re dedicated to helping you, your employees and associates, your friends and families staying connected 24/7, 365 days a year with high-quality and affordable products that you can rely upon anytime, anywhere.
Experience & Expertise
With more than 17 years experience in supply chain management, product development and customer service - we understand our industry, our products, and our customers.

Technology evolves fast, we make sure we learn fast so we can help our valued customers to adapt and stay ahead of the market.
Value & Integrity
Our history in the industry dates back to the “Nokia era” and the “mobile Internet revolution” and so on and so forth.

Through the years, we’ve seen countless brands rise and fall, different technologies come and go. We have come to a fundamental understanding that is: brands and technologies can change but we know there is one thing that will stay forever: people.

We pride ourselves in being the most professional, reliable, and friendliest people to do business with.
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