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ACEFAST D1 Wireless Car Charger Review: A 15W smart charger & mount for your phone

Wireless car chargers have become popular among car owners. And if you were wondering which wireless car charger to get this year, the ACEFAST’s D1 Fast Wireless Car Charger can be a good option. Personally, I think the ACEFAST D1 meets all my needs for a wireless car charger.

ACEFAST D1 Hands-on: Unboxing

Acefast D1 Wireless Car Charger 01

Let’s first start with the unboxing. The box contains a Holder, an Air vent outlet clip, a Center console base, a Type-C cable, a Sticky base, and a Manual. Yes, you can use it using two different methods: You can use the Suction cup to fix it on the Windshield or Dashboard. Or you can use the center console base that has a 360° rotating ball joint, ideal for AC vents.

Acefast D1 Wireless Car Charger 02

It can also be extended or shortened. The design of the bottom of the Holder also allows you to plug in a Type-C cable for wired charging when you don’t like the slow wireless charging option. The ACEFAST D1 uses a similar mounting design opted by most brands in the market, which also shows that these two fixing solutions are really the best available options at present. 

You can set your phone at any angle by rotating the base (360-degrees) according to your requirement.

ACEFAST D1 Hands-on: Wireless Charging

The ACEFAST D1 wireless car charger uses the universal Qi wireless charging protocol, which is not only compatible with all kinds of cell phones but also supports up to 15w charging power for phones from LG and 10w and 7.5w for Samsung cell phones and iPhones. 15W is currently the highest power supported by third-party wireless chargers. It will also ensure that you can at least charge your device when using GPS navigation.

ACEFAST D1 Hands-on: Cool Features 

When you plug in the charging cable, it automatically opens the Silicone arm, and when you put the phone down, it automatically closes. To take the phone away, you need to touch the button on the top of the Holder and it will open the Silicone arm, all in the same way as other brands.

The reason I recommend the ACEFAST D1 over other brands is that it has many details that are very well done. For example, there are some cars that will stop supplying power to the Wireless Charger Car Mount Holder when you turn off the ignition. As most chargers don’t have a built-in battery, when you want to take the phone off you have to use your hands to break its arm. Interestingly, the ACEFAST D1 has a built-in battery, so this situation will not occur.

Another example is that the location of the wireless charging coil is different for different brands of phones. The ACEFAST D1 has the function of automatically detecting the position of the wireless coil and can automatically adjust the position of the phone to the position with the highest charging power. So there is no need to worry about the problem of not being able to use it for your particular model.

Acefast D1 Wireless Car Charger 04

Overall, I think it is a perfect Wireless Charger Car Mount Holder. 

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